Kids reaction to our first snow in Boulder

Being true blue surf, sand and sea Aussies who have lived on the Eastern coast of Australia forever, our kids have never seen snow.

Australia definitely has it though. But it’s about a 5 hour drive to the ski fields from where we lived, and the price to stay, ski or whatever was incredibly prohibitive, especially given we’re a large family. And the snowy mountains only has snow for about 8 weeks of the year anyway.

So we never did it.

And now we’ve moved to Boulder, where it snows from October through to about April(?) This video captures Harry and Charlie’s first reactions. Enjoy!


4 responses to “Kids reaction to our first snow in Boulder

  1. “I need some warmer mittens, dude!” hehe cool kids 🙂

  2. great to see how excited the kids were 🙂

  3. “this is Charlie reporting not-so-live…” TOO CUTE! That was great. (nice to meet you)

  4. awwwww that just gave me such nostalgic shivers! i lived in boulder briefly (attended CU for a semester) and we had a record snowfall in Oct. Three feet of snow in 24 hours, it was INCREDIBLE!!!! *sigh* haven’t been back in ten years. So glad your kids are enjoying it! 🙂

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