Flapdoodle’s pumpkin diet

Halloween is officially over. The only candy left is the real crud that nobody will eat so I’m about to chuck it out. That’s not bad for an entire month!

The other great thing was the jack-o-lanterns. We had heaps of fun carving them with our US friends and they decorated the outside of the house with their scariness for a while. And the kids even had a jack-o-lantern competition at school which was amusing. (Though why so many parents feel they have to do the jack-o-lantern for their kid like some work of art, and then put the kid’s name on it when it was obviously done by the parent is beyond me. Some people need to get a life.) 

Anyway, back to the real story here. The jack-o-lanterns, if carved, go ‘off’ in about a week, so the kids painted and googly eyed etc two pumpkins for school. When they brought them back home we put them on the front verandah… and Flapdoodle decided it was his buffet time. 

We have been highly amused by Flapdoodle’s obsession with our pumpkins. (Yes, we are that desperate for entertainment.) Finally he has eaten both of them. And they were quite large! Luckily for him, he left the googly eyes and pipe cleaners, and he’s still running about so they didn’t kill him.

Flapdoodle, king of pumpkin one

Flapdoodle, king of pumpkin one

Attacking pumpkin two

Attacking pumpkin two


3 responses to “Flapdoodle’s pumpkin diet

  1. OMG, I love it! He’s completely adorable – I just love squirrels!

  2. He looks so cute with his furry butt hanging out of that pumpkin 🙂

  3. Man he went to town on those! We only had a couple nibbles on our pumpkin…

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