Ignite Boulder 3!


I’m really excited to be presenting this coming Wednesday evening at the third Ignite Boulder, being held at the ATLAS building at CU. Tickets to the event sold out in just 7 hours. (When I say ‘sold out’ I mean they were taken… the tickets are actually free.) That’s scary fast.

Ignite is a fantastic event in which speakers have just 5 minutes and 20 slides to present their topic. There’s no restrictions on topic and in fact this time around much of the topic selection was crowd-voted prior to selection. There are no sales pitches allowed and the presenters’ slides are on auto pilot, so you have to keep up because once the ignition is pressed, there are no delays or going back!

In a town like Boulder which is so focused on tech and business, it’s great to have an event which allows the community to present on stuff just for fun. Ignite lets you meet lots of other people, possibly learn something and laugh a heap.

If you’re not in Boulder or missed out on a ticket, you can see the videos of all the presentations a day or so after the event. It’s also going to be live through KBFR Pirate Radio here in Boulder.

List of presentations:

The History of the Mustache – Tim Poindexter
How to properly prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. -Ace Harmon
10 Design Predictions for 1909… or so I reckon. – Brandon White
How to Sing Your Way out of Danger -Ef Rodriguez
In the face of a bad economy, we techie folk are resourceful – Ingrid Alongi
Breasts and media’s obsession with them. – Joanne White
Everything I Learned About Marine Mammals I Learned While Cutting Them Up. – Bruce Wyman
The world is burning but I still have my yogurt – Jen Mayer
New Music Biz Model: What Would a Crack Dealer Do? – Grant Blakeman and Reid Phillips
How to use Twitter for marketing and PR – Brian Shaler
How to Make A Rap Song -Brandon Whalen
How to piss off people and lose friends in Boulder – Tara Anderson
Awkward Rules – rules for awkward situations – Vikas Reddy
A needle in a stack of needles or getting people to notice you – Matt Galligan

3 responses to “Ignite Boulder 3!

  1. Looking forward to your presentation! Last month was my first time at IgniteBoulder, and it was a blast. Looks like you and Jed are taking turns on stage!

  2. As I sit here thinking I should practice my presentation, I check out the line-up again and pinch myself. What was I thinking? At least I’m not following your talk…

    Can’t wait to hear you speak and to meet you. I’m sure both will be lovely.

    • You and Andrea are just the absolute sweetest. I’m sitting here writing up my stuff thinking oh my gosh, I’m going to be soooo offensive. People are going to be annoyed. But there will be boobs! Lots of them! And that’s a good thing. 🙂 I’m honoured to be among such a great bunch, and while it’s nerve-wracking, it’s also totally going to be a night to remember. 🙂 I’m looking forward to meeting you IRL!

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