Don’t think influence, think resonance

The new buzzword in social media appears to be Influence. According to conferences, some marketers it’s what people want. To influence others.

This is a mistake. It demonstrates a very shallow, one-sided view.

(cartoon from

Talk to most people in social media for example, and they’ll tell you the truth. What they’re doing is looking for, and responding to resonance, not influence.

What all of us seek in social media is Resonance.

The influence part happens afterwards.

In social media, you can’t influence someone unless they want to be influenced.

Guess what… if traditional media had understood the need to find real resonance with its market, it wouldn’t be in the situation it is today.

Resonance. It’s what creates meaning. Just like the rice here.

3 responses to “Don’t think influence, think resonance

  1. What you are saying makes sense.

    Things are in such a flux of change as the Internet becomes more utilitarian for the masses instead a toy for the engineering geeks like myself (I’ve been playing on the Internet since 1983). The “media” has hung monikers on things in order label and categorize it. While there’s nothing wrong with that as such, I find it hard to accept those labels so easily. That’s more influence than it is resonance. Resonance is really subtle. Hard to identify when resonance has occurred.

    Just as using the word “Internets” when one really means, “Internet.” This is a good example of influence: The Internet is really one entity. There are “intranets” that connect to the Internet. When the 2nd US Pres. Bush (I like to call him “The Shrub”) used “Internets” in a speech, all of a sudden people started using the word. (Can’t tell you how aggravating that is to me!)

    Social media and resonance – Yes, there is something to that. I just don’t see it quite as clearly as you do, methinks.

  2. Interesting content Good.

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