Glade’s sweet smell of good social media PR with Edelman

This week I was happily invited to join some other Colorado-based bloggers for a few adult snacks, refreshments and the opportunity to build a basket of goodies to take home. It was a great evening, put on by Glade’s parent company, S. C. Johnson’s wonderful PR team from Edelman in Chicago, to promote their Sense & Spray scent sense and spray air freshener

This event demonstrated Edelman actively identifies good people for brands to work with, and can put together an event that suits all parties. Edelman has fantastic staff, for a start. The company also teamed with social media expert, Ann-Marie Nichols, to ensure they are hitting the right targets.

If you ask me, Ann-Marie and Edelman are smart operators. After meeting/catching up with them on the evening, my belief is that the bloggers were hand-picked to represent ethical, good quality content providers who actively engage with their readers. Women who are authentic. At a time when companies are seeking out mommybloggers more than ever, there are now bloggers who do nothing more than run around the USA for the opening of every envelope. Smart companies, like Glade and Edelman, see beyond what I’ll call “the usual suspects.” (Yes, I’m biased. I was invited.)

Edelman’s staff were well equipped with plenty of information for us to take home in the best format – a USB drive. The activity of putting together our basket of goodies allowed us to chat about the product informally, and we also had fun coming up with possible names for a new Glade scent. (Yes, someone said Bacon. I said Aussie Bush. Ambiguity FTW.) I was so lucky to have Jen Goode so kindly say yes to drawing by freehand (magic marker) one of her lovely penguins on my mug. jen goode penguin mug

It has pride of place on my desk and reminds me how special women entrepreneurs like her are. I have always loved Jen’s designs and you can check the penguin ones out on her blog, and buy a whole range of stuff featuring them. She also does other designs too. She’s an amazingly talented woman in so many areas. I feel so lucky to have actually met her too now.

The event was a great success for Glade. The bloggers discussed myriad issues beyond and including the product, and we all came away feeling positive – and that associated value rubs off. Edelman gets it.

But the goal kick for me was the extra mile Edelman went for me. Here’s the thing:

We were all offered a basket to give away on our blog. Awesome. However, I asked if it would be okay for me to give it away to anyone, anywhere – given some of my readership is in Australia. Glade is a global brand, but I completely said I understand if that’s not okay. I just needed to be clear on my blog. On the spot, the Edelman ladies said “Absolutely, we will make it work. We will send the basket to anyone who wins.” So I’m stoked. I love that foresight and appreciation of my needs.

And I’m excited to give away this lovely basket of goodies to you, even if you’re an AUSSIE!

glade basket

What you'll win! (The mug will be a fresh one that you can draw on. Great if you're like Jen Goode!)

The basket contains a snuggly IKEA blanket/picnic rug, Swiss Miss mix with mini marshmallows, eye cover, ceramic mug and some permanent markers to decorate it with, and the wonderful new Glade Sense & Spray plus a refill that we have had now in our bathroom for a few days. It smells great and with the refills costing under $4 each (USD), and them lasting about a month each, even graduate students and startups can afford it (ahem).


To enter is easy – Leave a comment below with your recommendation for a new scent for Glade, focused on Australia. It can be funny or serious. The winner will be picked by Harry and Charlie on Wednesday and I’ll contact you via Twitter/email (make sure you leave contact details). I’ll also announce the winner on the blog. Go for it!

6 responses to “Glade’s sweet smell of good social media PR with Edelman

  1. What a great idea for a competition! I have a couple of ideas actually – both with a “Smell of Summer” theme.
    1- An afternoon at the beach – would smell like suncream, chocolate paddlepops, a fresh seabreeze, coconut oil, hot sand, and even hotter thongs.
    2 – Fruit salad – watermelon, mango, pineapple, peach and vanilla yoghurt.

    Love your Aussie bush idea too – I’m smelling it now actually as I live just a few minutes from the bush. It smells like gum trees and wattle. πŸ™‚

  2. Howza bout “Bondi Breeze”??


  3. Outback Passion Berry
    Sydney Harbour Breeze

  4. Cool idea and awesome that you could include your downunder friends too. A few suggestions for you:
    1. Blue Botanicals – a mix of berries/apple/ guava scent
    2. Cool Cucumber – a mix of cucumber & green tea
    3. Hazy Days – a mix of Coconut / jojoba with a splash of citrus to lift it.


  5. congratulations! After much discussion and a final ruling needed from Jed, Kath is our winner with Bondi Breeze. Kath will be receiving her own wonderful basket of goodies, courtesy of Glade – I am looking forward to seeing what you draw on your mug!
    A close runner up (the reason we needed Jed’s final involvement) was Kerryn’s Cool Cucumber. Kerryn will be receiving a runner up gift.
    Thanks for playing everyone! We really loved your entries. πŸ™‚

  6. YAY!!!!!!

    Thrilled Thrilled Thrilled πŸ™‚

    Or maybe I should say Oy Oy Oy !!

    Thanks @Mediamum & Jed & Harry & Charlie!!

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