Here I disclose absolutely everything that I consider could be deemed (by a reasonable person) to influence what I talk about or how I talk about it. I’m not seeking to monetize this site, but I recognise that my social equity is building and my branding has some value. I see the future of media is not in the vast number of clicks, but in the quality and resonance of the audience that interacts with me. I’m not looking to build my audience using any means possible – I really don’t care that much for people visiting as an accident because they clicked through someone else first. I’d much rather have people actively seek *me* out for conversation, or to see what I’ve got. Advertisers are not caught up on that yet. So far, I’ve been offered a few free ‘link to us and we’ll link to you’ deals that I’m not taking up. I will, of course, keep you posted. 🙂

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