Research, Papers and Presentations

My first ever public presentation was at PubCamp 2008. I undertook an unconference session in Sydney looking at the quality of media reporting of stories online as opposed to its traditional format. A few days later I delivered a more wide-ranging presentation at PubCamp in Melbourne, which was filmed and put here (if you watch it, please allow time for buffering so the slides begin with the speech). Of course, I think there are some great points in this presentation, but I believe I could do it so much better now. 🙂

I am currently undertaking my Masters in Mass Communication Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I’m working on research papers covering the following areas:

1. The mediation and mediatization of breastfeeding and its relationship to societal norms. On February 18, 2009 I presented a segment of my research at Ignite Boulder. Ignite is an awesome fun opportunity where presenters have 5 minutes and 20 slides that are on auto advance, with 15 seconds for each slide. You can watch the fun here.

2. The integration of Web 2.0 strategies with professional journalism and associated ethical issues.

3. My thesis is moving towards studying the strength of online communities formed using social media. My current semester’s research is on the use of speech acts (hashtags, @ and retweets) and discourse/turn taking on Twitter.

I am going to endeavour to be as transparent as possible here on my blog, and post my outlines for relevant things I know associates who read my blog may be interested in. I would really appreciate feedback, contributions, questions, opportunities to present my work, and free coffees (not necessarily in that order).

One response to “Research, Papers and Presentations

  1. HI Jo – interesting research foci!

    I’m sure you’ve caught up with the news on the eviction of a Greens Senator’s 2yo from the Oz Senate…but just in case, here’s a link to the stir

    It’s a yarn that may be tangentially relevant to your research on the mediatisation of breast-feeding.


    PS I’m a huuuuuge Finn fan too 🙂

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