Start-Up Widow

While I’m quite popularly known as Mediamum (a brand and name I’m proud to have, and it’s one I live every day); I am also the Start-up Widow. I have posted about being the Start-up Widow on my blog, and it’s time to formalise my role.

I’ve been married to my Start-up man for 10 years and we’ve actually been together for coming on to 14 years. And what a journey it’s been so far. If you check out my earlier post you’ll see my reasons for making the jump from Australia to the US to launch a new startup. I guess I should update that post with some more info.

You know you’re a start-up widow when:

1. You need to call him and you have no idea what state or country he’s actually in today. (I mean geographic state, not psychological/drunk/emotional.)

2. He walks in the door at 11pm and announces he’s going to *another* country/state at 4am.

3. He asks everyone to be quiet while he makes phone calls for work. At 10pm.

4. You need to make an appointment with the office to get him to attend a family dinner. And if you didn’t personally also enter it into his Notes calendar, then it’s your fault he didn’t turn up/know about it.

5. He has no understanding of the word “vacation.”

6. He thinks weekends are when he can get some real work done.

7. You say you don’t have enough money for groceries and he says that’s a good thing as it stops you spending money, but he complains when there is no food in the house.

8. He comes to bed at 3am and wakes you up – to ask you to wake him up at 6.30am when you get up. He then goes straight to sleep, while you lie there for half an hour having been shaken awake.

9. He says “Remember, I have to be in blah blah on that day…” to everything you try to arrange. (Remember, like he ever told you anything that’s actually going on).

And for an international start-up widow, these days it’s all of this, except he’s straddling two time zones. So double all of the above, happening potentially a day and a half apart. So for example, he says he’s in one country from tomorrow until next Wednesday. He thinks he’s told you everything. But he actually means he’s leaving the other country next Wednesday and won’t be home until Friday. Stuffing up the parent/teacher interview you’d arranged for Thursday.


No, really. Where’s the vodka?

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  1. I’ve added mediamum as one of “People I like or Admire” on my website …but …. since I don’t want this to be seen as an advertisement – I’m not listing my website.

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